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PROMATx Health Club
1591 Winchester Road
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Lexington KY 40505

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Monday-Friday 7am-7pm
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Club Hours:
    Monday-Thursday 5am-9pm
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   Childcare Hours:
   Monday-Friday 9am-12pm
   Monday-Thursday 5pm-8pm


Ultimate Warrier Boot Camp

EFFECTIVE APRIL 21, 2014......

There will be no more boot camp classes on our schedule. The classes are NOT gone permanently though!! Just taking a break! Check back frequently on this page and our calendar on the GROUP FITNESS tab of this website for any upcoming changes. Thanks for your participation in the "Ulitmate Warrior Boot Camp".


What is the UWB? It is high energy functional workouts that combine cardio, strength, agility, and core training.

What are the days and times: Starting February 24, 2014, you'll have access to 8 classes per week. Our schedule is below.

What do I do to sign up? Below you will see a link to follow. Fill out the necessary paperwork and turn it in to PROMATx along with your payment (cash, checks, or cc) at least one week before you plan on attending your first UWB class.

What do I bring? Please wear loose comfortable clothing and exercise shoes and bring water. You can bring a towel, a mat, and a foam roller but none of these are a requirement. 

What to expect? You can expect to be challenged but not beyond what you can handle. You can expect a high-energy, effective workout by awesome trainers. You will sweat, you may grunt, and you WILL burn lots of calories during and after the workout. You can expect to see your body shed the fat! Most importantly you can expect to have FUN!

Things you need to know:     

** Please turn in medical history and exercise consent forms before you begin UWB (see links below). Any physical or medical concern will be addressed before you begin.

** A full physical is always recommended before starting any exercise program.

** You will see double the results in half the time by having a support system€¦. So bring your spouse, friends, coworkers, neighbors! 

** Each workout will include a warm-up and cool-down so please be on time. The warm-up is important to prepare your body for the workout and the cool-down helps bring your heart rate down and helps release muscle tension.

** Make sure you EAT (1 to 2 hours prior) and are well hydrated before you come. 



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Medical History Paperwork

Exercise Consent Paperwork

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