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PROMATx Health Club
1591 Winchester Road
Suite 111
Lexington KY 40505

Sales Hours:
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday 8am-12pm
24 Hour Access Available
Childcare Hours:

Club Hours:
    Monday-Thursday 5am-9pm
    Friday 5am-8pm
    Saturday 7am-7pm
    Sunday 10am-4pm
   Childcare Hours:
   Monday-Friday 9am-12pm
   Monday-Thursday 5pm-8pm


Group Fitness

Inclement Weather Policy for ALL group fitness classes:

If Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) are CLOSED, then all MORNING classes (including 5:30a) are CANCELLED.  In the event the weather clears throughout the day, evening classes will proceed as scheduled.

If FCPS are DELAYED, all MORNING classes proceed as scheduled.

In any event, be sure to check our Facebook page for cancellation info or call us at 859.299.8441.




Be ready to shred your muscles and shred those calories!  This class will burn calories and get you on your way to a sleek, toned body.  Utilize various equipment but be prepared to lift a little heavier than usual!  All levels of experience welcome!!

Cardio Interval

Experience the best of both worlds in this class.  A little strength, a little cardio, all in timed intervals.  Build up your stamina and burn calories while progressing through various timed interval sets.  All levels of experience welcome.  Bring your water and a towel and be prepared to sweat!


Find your zen and let your mind relax as your flow through various yoga poses.  New to yoga?  No worries as all levels are welcome.  Learn some basic poses or take your practice to the next level.  Your instructor will take you on a relaxing journey that will improve flexibility, improve strength and help reduce stress.  Bring a yoga mat and, if you have some, yoga blocks/straps (but not required).

Yoga Stretch

This 45-minute class will incorporate basic stretching principles with a little yoga influence.  Not feeling particularly "zen" for this class?  Don't worry, your instructor will focus more on stretching and muscle tension release.  This class will also introduce myofascial release through the use of a foam roller.  Bring a yoga mat and a foam roller.

Body Blast 

Blast away fat and sculpt lean muscles.  Utilize various equipment including your own body weight while you work your muscles in every way possible.  Build strength, add definition, increase bone density and decrease your body fat...all done by increasing your lean muscle.  Guys and gals, grab your weights and blast your body!!  

Circuit 360

Circuit training targeting your total body from all angles, all 360 degrees of it!  Move from station to station with little rest in between to keep your heart pumping and the fat melting.  Whether you are doing squats, lifting weights, cycling, or performing planks, your mind won't have time to wander and your body will become a calorie-burning machine.  All levels of experience welcome!! 


An interval class that incorporates step aerobics and more!  Not ready for a full class of step?  This is the class for you!  Perform circuits of step followed by intervals of strength and core training.  Total body work with special twist of something "more" from your instructor!


Kick and punch away your stress (and calories).  This class is a combination of kickboxing and core training.  Battle with your imaginary opponent and sculpt a lean, mean core.  Start with some basic punches and kicks, then throw in a few combos and you end up with a sweaty, better you.  All levels of experience welcome!!

Cardio Fusion

Challenge your cardiovascular abilities with a "fusion" of cardio activities.  What will it be when you walk in the room...Step aerobics?  Cycling?  Kickboxing?  Hi-Lo?  Athletic Drills?  Hold onto your hat because it might be one of these or all!  Don't let this deter you from leaving a little sweat on the floor as you take your cardio routine to the next level.  By the way, all levels of experience are welcome!!


Group cycling class designed for all fitness levels. This 45-minute class involves various cycling drills that offer an exhilarating cardiovascular workout.  Once again, all levels of experience are welcome!!

Express Cycle

A 30-minute "express" version of our group cycling class.  No time wasting here!  Jump right in, pedal your heart out, then hop off of the bike rejuvinated and a few calories lighter!

Cycle Circuit

This class gives you the best of both worlds.  Cycling AND strength training all in one class.  Quick transition times and specifically planned strength moves target muscle groups effectively.  Turn your body into a calorie-burning machine with a Cycle Circuit class.


Train all aspects of your body through 15 minutes of warm-up/cardio, 30 minutes of strength training, and 15 minutes of pure core work.  Great for beginners who are not quite ready for a whole class of just one thing.  Also great for all levels because you can push your way through each segment.  Bring a towel and water and be ready to move.


Another combo class that starts with 20 minutes of step aerobics, 20 minutes of strength training, and finish with 20 minutes of cycling.  Feel free to only do part of this class or stay for the whole thing.  Get your Saturday mornings started off on the right foot and get your blood pumping with this great combo class.