At PROMATx we know it’s not only important to have a safe, well designed, and properly executed workout, but also to see results! PROMATx has developed and uses a scientific body transformation program to help our clients achieve their desired results. This systematic program begins with…

• A full body comphrensive physical assessments
• A private dietary consultation with a macronutrient analysis and individualized menu plan
• A full set of before and after photos and circumference measurements
• 12 week cardiovascular program

Your trainer will use this information to create a personal workout regiment based on your abilities and schedule. At PROMATx, we know it takes more than just a training appointment to transform your body; therefore, our program consists of a team of experts at your side to hold you accountable, keep you focused and motivated, and to guide you to meet and exceed your goals.

To maximize your training results we encourage our clients to meet regularly with a nutrition coach, which is all included in our training program. You will see your achievements as you are regular re-assessed by our exercise physiologist for progress and advancement.

There are a variety of packages available to meet your schedule and budget. Take advantage of this personal training experience with our RISK FREE VIP pass.

Brad Covington – Trainer

Brad is the founder and co owner of PROMATx Health Club. Being in sports all of his life, it was a natural fit to obtain a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Kentucky. He began personal training in college and has had the opportunity to watch so many lives and bodies change in the last 15 years. His clients are much more than individuals but have become part of his family. PROMATx was created to offer the highest quality of service to individuals seeking to improve their quality of life through fitness and nutrition. He is deeply committed to carry out this mission and provide you with the education and motivation you need to improve your health and longevity. He entered the business when he saw he could combine the two things he was most passionate about – fitness and helping others.


Caitlin Massey – Trainer

Caitlin is a certified weight management consultant and holds a personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She entered the fitness industry after receiving her bachelor’s degree in social work from Arizona State University and prides herself in joining her knowledge and love of health and exercise with her training in and passion for working with people to break through barriers, reach personal goals, and achieve an enhanced quality of life. As a weight management consultant, Caitlin has adopted a four pronged approach from her social work training to understand her client’s needs and adapt each individual nutrition plan to coincide with psychological and social constraints, as well as provide ongoing support to clients as new challenges arise. As a personal trainer, Caitlin enjoys using creative training techniques utilizing traditional, functional, and martial arts exercise styles to create fun, effective exercise programs for her clients. Caitlin has 8 years of martial arts training through which she has learned the art of determination, and calculation. She will bring these characteristics to each training session to give her clients a carefully created plan to their goals and encouragement to stay motivated.


Carol Brown – Trainer

Carol came to America from Brazil on a swimming scholarship at Western Kentucky University where she earned a Bachelors in Exercise Science. Her lifelong passion for sports and physical activity led her to personal training where she could share this passion and knowledge to help others reach their personal goals and develop balanced healthy lifestyles. It gives her great joy to watch her clients adopt healthy habits and change their quality of life. She enjoys challenging her clients of all ages and fitness levels both physically and mentally to become stronger from the inside out. She believes “if she can guide someone to do something they thought they never could they would feel a great sense of power to accomplish anything in life!”